Our Approach to Financial Planning & Investing

Exceptionally Unexpected

Weaver Capital Advisors is a Texas-based financial advisory firm whose mission is to deliver personalized financial solutions that provide comfort and foster relationships built on trust. Our trusted team of fiduciary advisors are focused on providing you with peace of mind in financial planning and investing.

Who We Are Here For

The Entrepreneur

Why does Weaver Capital Advisors work with so many hard-working entrepreneurs? Because we relate to them. Entrepreneurs are fearless leaders who wake up every day and make things happen. We learn from them, and they energize us. We like nothing more than seeing them succeed and protecting the wealth they have worked for.

The Executive

Tremendously busy leading companies,
C-suite executives value a first-class financial advisor that thinks outside the box about preserving wealth. Weaver Capital Advisors simplifies their lives and ensures their wealth is managed and protected for a lifetime–and beyond.

The Emerging Multi-Millionaire

These clients show great promise and are natural leaders in the wealth accumulation part of life. They also flourish professionally. These clients appreciate a financial advisor who thinks differently and is ready for their financial success.


At the heart of our business

is the relationship.

Over the years, we have learned through working with countless clients that relationships are built on one thing – trust. So when clients ask, “What is your process?”, the answer is simple. We build a real relationship with you by listening carefully, understanding your needs and developing a personal plan that works for you. Our vast experience and knowledge, combined with access to financial solutions that best fit your needs, enable us to grow your wealth the you want. We meet regularly to make sure we stay on track and that your goals are met. So, the process is the relationship. With the relationship as the foundation, we build and implement a strategy that grows and protects your assets in order to bring you peace of mind.

We believe …

Listening is the Tool That Leads to Opportunity

If you don’t listen, you can’t give great advice. It’s that simple. Understanding our clients’ life goals and the emotional factors that surround money comes through listening. That’s our very first step. We don’t create financial plans or offer investment advice based on where you live or who your family is, because that is only part of who you are. We create financial plans and offer investment advice based on who you are, what’s most important to you, and where you want to go. We let you tell us your whole story. And we honor it.

Providing Peace of Mind is Paramount

We want you to feel a sense of comfort in every encounter with our team. To do that, we educate and unpack the intricacies of complex investments to put you at ease. We’re money mentors. We walk alongside you to discover what’s most essential to you, your family and your business, and we deliver solutions to help you achieve your dreams – free from worry.

Reciprocal Respect Creates Successful Outcomes

Our clients choose us, but we also choose them – and this selective dynamic works beautifully. We’re most successful when we’re a good fit with our clients and when mutual respect exists. We work with those who have realistic expectations and communicate them, and both parties commit to the plan we develop. We learn from the wisdom of our clients, the hardworking, risk-taking entrepreneurs. One of the great joys of our jobs as advisors is when our clients share their knowledge and wisdom with us.

The Role of Private Equity

We understand the complex role private equity plays, the challenges that may arise in deals, and most importantly, the bold people who embrace this type of risk. Our team is experienced in preparing private equity teams, entrepreneurs and business owners to optimize and manage specific private transactions, including acquisitions and dispositions of direct interest investments, IPOs and other liquidity events. The process of liquidating assets can be one of our clients’ most important undertakings. We not only provide critical advice as part of our fiduciary duty but also execute these transactions in a manner that helps deliver returns and minimizes taxes. We believe helping entrepreneurs continue their legacy is some of our most valuable work.

The Importance of Generational Wealth

We respect and deeply care about the wealth our clients have built and how it is passed to the next generation – and those who follow. We have vast experience in the smart transition of wealth over multiple generations. Whether it’s asset protection, gifting, or the ever-important role of taxation, we understand the importance of helping our clients steward their assets wisely, while considering the family and organizations that will be their eternal legacy.